Why I was about to join the NAPW and decided not to

A few weeks ago I was about to join the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). I went through the process of signing up on their website for further information. Then, my gut instinct told me there had to be some kind of fee involved. I didn’t see anything on the site that would lead me to believe this was so.

That is why I went down to the Terms and Conditions in the footer. Sure. Hidden among the legalese was a yearly loyalty fee of $99. Hell, I’d still have gone for it if it brought value to me.

That’s when I read down and saw this…

NAPW expressly reserves the right to use all information members provide in association with their basic profile – including name, address, job title and other biographical and contact information – as NAPW sees fit. This may include the sale or lease of NAPW’s membership list, which includes all or some of this type of information.

The woman following up with my email sounded surprised when I told her, and then said they are reputable companies that NAPW partners with. I’m sorry, but no one I know will be allowed to buy my information if I have a say in it.

It’s no wonder NAPW made the Terms and Conditions a giant image so it won’t be searchable on the web. Well NAPW, Google is going to search me!

NAPW – you get a giant PASS!