The Value of Quality

There was an article in the local paper about Congressman Mike Turner getting heat from The Wall Street Journal over a digital camera purchase he wrote off which was $1,435. Some people might think that sum quite ridiculous – but probably no one that is serious in photography. The camera purchase was for corporate use (not personal). Being in the market to buy a camera myself, I just can’t afford something over $1,000 only on the front that I don’t have it solely for my business (I’m not a photographer…I need a good enough quality camera for product shots for clients or for work at Think TV since their camera is only 5 MP and going on 8 years old and they can’t afford a better one). There are lenses that cost over $12,000 and camera’s over $7,000. For the price Mike Turner had paid for a camera, he’s probably getting a very low end professional camera. I am looking into the Rebel XSI (12 MP) and it’s $700 with a lens. My first camera cost $400 (Olympus Stylus 800 – 8MP) but it can’t take anything near the quality or size of the XSI. If Mike Turner wants professional photos (which he should) and he doesn’t want to hire a photographer, then that is the best route to go.

Apparently The Wall Street Journal only sees numbers, and not the value of quality behind them.