DARKOH Sponsor Deck

DARKOH needed something they could hand out that embodied the brand and was well-crafted and tailored (just like the suits they product). The copy provided was all in caps so I adjusted to more readable type.







DARKOH Lookbook FW 14/15

Darkoh Lookbook
Given the time constraints for Darkoh’s premiere at New York Fashion Week on February 10th, a short booklet was opted rather than one that encompassed the entire collection presented. This is the set that attendees received.

The design was minimal to showcase the strong garments.

I’ll be posting the Blocked Collection (SS 14) when it is public.
Lookbook Philosphy
Darkoh Interior 1
Darkoh Interior 2

Photography: Julia Blank
Stylist: Carmen Stahl
MUA: Eleni Yannopoulos
Photo editing: Martina Dinkelmann
Layout: April Sadowski

Models: Vincent Wagenmann, Gentian Ismaili, Dominic Hauser

Check out DARKOH online at www.darkoh.net.