Sometimes, you just need one


These are available to purchase in 4.5″x3″ cards. Thanks to Storme Urban for giving me the idea. She asked if she had permission to faceplant into her desk one day and I gave her the slip to do so.

These were designed by Aibrean’s Studio and printed on Smooth Cover Stock, with the following verbiage included:

Permission Slip
This slip permits the bearer to do one of the following*:

  • faceplant into a desk
  • fall asleep at desk
  • facepalm into…palm
  • slap an idiot

* The permission-giver assumes no responsibility or liability to the injury or incapacitation of permission-bearer or others.

Authorized By

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Smaller quantities available upon request.

These will be professionally printed on-demand by a local Dayton, Ohio printer. Please allow a week for processing. You can also buy through Etsy.