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From: $250.00 / month

These can all be rolled over if unused, but you will still continue to be billed. See Terms for what is included.

Level 1: 5 hours of work per month.
Level 2: 15 hours of work per month.
Level 3: 25 hours of work per month.
Level 4: 50 hours of work per month.

Year 1: 130 hours of work per year.
Year 2: 260 hours of work per year.


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2 Responses to “Print Retainers”

  1. Fredrik

    We just got a quote for SEO for our site. We are a small business and they quoted $7500/month with a 12-month commitment. So approximately $100k per year. Seems a bit steep, but they are doing content generation as well since that is our main problem.

    • Once solid SEO protocols are established, there is no need to have a monthly retainer unless they are also doing keyword adjustments, research, analytics, reporting, backlinks, providing text for social media, and publishing on your behalf. Organically, some sites can do well without one if the foundations are set in place and fresh content is being added regularly. At that cost, it seems as though some funds would be dedicated to paid keywords. Seriously, do you think you’ll see a return higher than your investment?

      Editing and creating pages is tedious in volume, but certainly not enough to be worth what it would cost to hire three people full-time. Let me know what your needs are as far as quantity and frequency.