Photoshop Manipulations

I’ve been working on broadening my horizon by doing some Photoshop manipulations and uploading them on DeviantART primarily because there are some restrictions to off-site use (i.e. uploading to another server). So below are the ones I’ve worked on. This is literally about the first week I’ve ever tried reaching into this category.

Queen of Seasons Series

Queen of Autumn

Stock by,, and

Queen of Winter
Stock by,,, and

Queen of Summer

Stock by,, and

Queen of Spring

Stock by, and

For below, click on the image to see the stock creators.

Kisses of the Sun by ~aibrean on deviantART

By the Light of the Moon by ~aibrean on deviantART

Elemental by ~aibrean on deviantART

Chase the Wind by ~aibrean on deviantART