My Breaking Point

There are very few things that I can’t do that are design related. One is making a photo manipulated collage (i.e. bits and pieces of things cut out that look really neat together).
Stuff like this:
Why? Because I think either abstractly or realistically. I can’t meet in the middle. If I try to do it, I think it doesn’t look natural. It bothers me. It’s like I try to hard. So I don’t. I like clean lines. I don’t want things to look placed.
Another issue I have is making cartoons (because I can’t think that way). Even in college I had to have the illustration teacher help me.
So if you ask me to do any of the above I will say no. I would rather say no and be confident I can’t do it than try it and make it look bad.
We all have our limitations. We shouldn’t be afraid of them. We should accept them. What are yours?