Miami Valley Child Development Centers

I was sub-contracted to redesign this site and give it a fresh and modern look while keeping it still youthful. I enlisted Edge Webware to do the coding implementation since it required a very robust CMS build to accommodate all the client’s needs.

The old website was very outdated and in much need of a new look.

I began to process what I wanted the site to look like based on the expansive request of content that needed to be on the page. I created a wireframe that I passed onto the person I was contracted by.

The video area was quite large (but it was requested to be that large). After further convincing load-speed would be an issue, the layout was adjusted and further developed with engaging graphics.

Miami Valley Child Development Centers

This is the final layout concept for the homepage. I did interior pages with the same feel and kept the colors more muted.

* please note, the logo above is not the client’s logo and it is not used in the final live site. I suggested this adjustment to the logo for better legibility but it was rejected. I am including it as part of my portfolio because I believe it best represents myself as a designer toward this piece.

View the live website: